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SUAY ENERGY SERVICES, formed in 2002 provide quality services for drilling, oil and gas production and workover operations, including: 

  •  Drilling fluids
  •  Oil Equipment
  •  Cementing
  •  New technologies.

The Company is committed to providing effective solutions with exceptional customer service and excellent value for money with advanced technologies and processes.

Based in Kazakhstan, Suay Energy applies continuous improvement and onsite expertise to the oilfields of Kazakhstan. Customers benefit from our various professional affiliations with local and Russian scientific institutes, and with the American and European associations, allowing the Company to have a worthy place in the sphere of providing services in all drilling, production and workover operations.

Our products and services for the oil and gas industry include: 

  • Supply and preparation of drilling fluids;
  • Supply and preparation of cementing materials for oil and gas wells and workover operations;
  • Supply of equipment and materials for increasing well production
  • Tailored training courses for operators, contractors and subcontractors.

Suay employees are specialists in the oil and gas industry with international training, experience and long-term operational field experience.

Strategically-located offices in Aktau, Almaty and Aktobe enable storage and supply of materials in required volumes for works throughout Kazakhstan.